There are abundant of definitions on innovation, yet one that is commonly used describes that innovation is a strive to create purposeful change in a company’s economic and/or social potential. Such definition does not foreground standalone products or services, but rather the processes to generate ideas of new solutions, may they be either a product or a service or any combination thereof. Those solutions should in turn deliver value to both users/customers and the provider. Methods for innovation typically motivate changes and the supports build upon divergent thinking, lateral thinking and/or design thinking. The key is thus to change the way we think about a solution or a situation, and thereby create novel solutions.

Case study

Validation have been made with companies as customized creative sessions. The creative work includes the tension between (1) inspire and immerse, (2) generate and select, and (3) evaluate and decide.

Expected outcome

Indication and directions to methods to diagnose where to and how to focus the creative work.

Why used

To create divergent thinking and to try out alternative techniques to increase creativity.

Where used

By an individual or a team to facilitate creative work related to ill-structured problems.

How used

Interactive on-line tool

Tool training


Task assigned

Implement the process by exploring and learning from the interactive tool, adapt and adjust methods to fit company purpose.