Layout planning and process simulations are used in planning the facilities of the factory as well as production flow to create production chain as cost effective as possible.

Description of the tool


The technology enables an optimal planning of production space as well as the production itself. By planning the production a company can save on material costs, but also on space.

Case Study

Within TARGET-project, a simulation was created for at the water factory to demonstrate the warehouse functions. Another case was material flow simulation for a subcontracting company offering services in the design, machining and assembly for precision mechanics. Layout planning has been done for a kitchen cabinet factory to improve their functions together with Lean methods. 3D-layout planning was demonstrated to the forementioned subcontractor of machining.

Objective of the tool

Outcomes Expected

More efficient production and utilization of the premises and the machinery.

Why Used

Using the tool saves money and resources, if done in time. Planning the production is also the best way of utilizing the factory space as cost effective as possible. Also, work safety can be tested using the simulations.

Scope of the tool

Where Used

In production lines and warehouses.

How Used

Layout planning is used to arrange a workplace in a factory by locating areas with high frequency and logical relationships close to each other. The process enables the best material flow in manufacturing process at the lowest cost and least amount of handling. Process simulation is a software-based method, used for the design, development, analysis and optimization of technical processes.



Mentor Skills/Training:
Knowledge of:
1. different technologies
2. usability in different cases

1. Softwares for simulation and layout planning

Materials – Train the Trainer materials, to train the mentors:
1. Layout planning/Simulation-Training material
2. Manuals (links to manuals)
3. Questionnaire for need

Tasks Assigned

Centria provides simulations and layouts and can provide education and training as a paid service. Centria also helps companies to acquire information about simulation softwares.