UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

Skills of the Institute of Industrial Technology include automation, robotics, 3D printing, logistics and supply chain management.

Wei Deng Solvang, Professor – Expertise in supply chain management, logistics, performance measurement and sustainable systems.

Gabor Sziebig, Associate Professor – Expertise in automation, robotics, computer aided manufacturing, virtual manufacturing and intelligent systems.

Hao Yu, PhD candidate, skills in operational research and optimization, mathematical programming, and logistics.

Beibei Shu, PhD candidate, skills in robotics, automation and intelligent system.

Erlend Bjørk, Lecturer, skills in additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

Centria University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Centria Research and Development is the unit for research, development and further education at Centria University of Applied Sciences. R&D-functions are divided into four topics of interest: manufacturing technology, digitalisation, chemistry and bio-economy, entrepreneurship and wellbeing. The main goal of Centria Research and Development is to create development opportunities for the region’s enterprises and communities.

Centria has a wide range of know-how in technology and IT-solutions. The R&D unit experts work, for example, with product automation, robotics, digital scanning and measuring, additive manufacturing, as well as manufacturing design and production simulation – and many other topics. The Centria equipment enables demonstrations with robots, 3D-scanning, modeling and printing. It is possible for the companies to work together with the programmers of Centria to create applications for the specific needs – especially when it comes to wireless communication, location awareness, cyber-security and mobile applications.

Jouni Vähäsöyrinki (B.Eng) Project Manager – Expertise in manufacturing technology, product production, and company development.

Sakari Pieskä (Ph.D) Project Manager (Senior Research Scientist/Principal Lecturer) – Expertise in digital manufacturing, interactive robotics, automation, industrial internet, innovations and SME collaboration.

Johanna Salmi (MA) Project Controller – Expertise in financial administration.

Heidi Kaartinen (MA, BBA) Project Coordinator (collaboration and communication) – Expertise in communication, writing skills (scientific papers and articles), presentations, visual materials and design, event organizing.

Ari Lehtiniemi (B.Eng) Development Engineer – Expertise in 3D modelling, interactive visualizations, game development, virtual reality.

Anttoni Porri (B.Eng) Project Engineer – Expertise in 3D modelling/visualization and animation.

Tero Köyhäjoki (B.Eng) Project Engineer – Expertise in robotics, production simulations, robot offline programming and automation.

Ari Lamberg (B.Eng) Development Engineer – Expertise in RFID, automation and testing technologies.

Jari Kaarela (Lic.Sc.) (Econ.) Project Engineer – Expertise in robotics, factory simulations, robot offline programming and automation.

Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Skills of Computer Science Division of the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering relate to product-service innovation, design and development, as well as information technology.

Åsa Ericson, Professor, skills in creative and innovative processes, servitization of products, and design and development processes.

Johan Wenngren, PhD, skills in prototyping, additive manufacturing and concept development.

Johan Lugnet, PhD, skills in knowledge management, design thinking, teamwork and collaboration,

Martin Lundgren, PhD candidate, skills in risk management, information security and ICT technology.

Southwest College

South West College is a Further Education College providing curriculum for students aged 16+. With its modern resources and cutting edge facilities the College has invested in excess of £60 million to date in its four campuses based in Cookstown, Dungannon, Enniskillen and Omagh. It provide students with an excellent learning environment complemented by the most state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

The College also boasts industry facing Innovation Centres at each of its main campuses providing 21st Century skills for a 21st Century workforce. These centres are purpose built to stimulate economic development through engagement with industry in a relevant and focused manner.

The Centres specialise in Renewable Energy, Media Technology, Product Design & Development and STEM Education. A purpose built Engineering Centre is currently under development in the Dungannon Campus which will complement already existing curriculum and projects.

John Moore B.Sc. PhD MIEnvSc., Principal Lecturer: Expertise in Project management, environmental and renewable technologies.

Padraig McNamee B.Eng. MBA, Principal Lecturer: Expertise in Electronic engineering, lean manufacturing, project based learning.

David Searle, PhD in Engineering Hydraulics: Past 12 years focused exclusively on SME development and support in Northern Ireland. Experience in Lean six sigma principles, business and organisational development.