Description of the tool


Robotics minimise the need of labor and speed up the manufacturing process by automating the mundane and repetitive processes. The quality of individual products is improved and the production reaches uniform quality where robots are used.

Case Study

Within TARGET-project the robotic welding was planned and demonstrated for Kokkolan pikahitsaus in use case of welding aluminium.

Objective of the tool


Some tasks are too heavy or repetitive for a person to perform safely. In these cases the robotics can help to both aid the personnel and to make the process faster.

Why Used

Robotics can help the company to save money and resources in performing repetitive tasks where the units must be of uniform quality.

Scope of the tool

Where Used

Almost any manufacturing company can utilize some kind of a robotic solution. Centria can introduce different kinds of solutions for a company.

How Used

By investing on robotics, a company can improve their functions. Centria can help with choosing the right kind of solution for the specific needs of a company.



Centria can provide information and training for companies in robotics

Tasks Assigned

Centria provides demonstrations and information about robotics and can provide education and training as a paid service.